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We cover an extensive range of intumescent fire and smoke seals

including acoustic, draught & weather sealing products

We cover an extensive range of intumescent fire and smoke seals

Intumescent Fire & Smoke Seals

The installation of intumescent fire and ambient temperature smoke seals around fire door assemblies is essential to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations. For some applications fire only seals are acceptable but for life safety smoke control is essential. Once activated intumescent seals will contain hot smoke but cold smoke protection requires the addition of a cold smoke seal which is normally incorporated into the intumescent seal.

Intumescent & Fire Resistant Glazing Systems

Glazed panels or complete glazed screens are often required to allow vision and natural light through fire-rated internal walls and doors. Gaps, joints and interfaces between dissimilar materials invariably form points of weakness. Provision needs to be made to seal these effectively. The solution is to fit fire resistant glass secured using one of our fire resistant glazing systems. These hold the glass firmly in place during normal use, but in the event of fire the intumescent material expands, securing and insulating the glass and protecting the surrounding timber. Our glazing systems are designed to minimise smoke transfer, yet fit tightly on the perimeter of the glass and eliminate undesirable rattle at the same time.

Fire Door Upgrade & Ironmongery Protection

Fire rated doors often need additional items of hardware installed for reasons of safety, security and convenience. Firewise stock a wide range of fire rated door furniture including intumescent protection kits for hinges, locks, letterplates & other items of ironmongery.

Passive & Electrical Fire Protection

Passive fire protection (PFP) is a form of fire safety provision that remains dormant or inert during normal conditions but becomes active in a fire situation. Every service that is installed in a building, such as soil pipes, electrical sockets, cable trunking and lighting units, can compromise the fire resistance of a room by creating openings in its walls, floor and ceiling. Our products are tested and certified to seal the gaps these penetrations create should fire break out.

Fire Fighting Equipment & Signs

Generally, large fires start as small fires, often of a size that can be tackled by suitably trained staff using portable fire extinguishers. Therefore, action by staff can prevent development of a fire that would pose a threat to life, property or operation of a business. In some premises, early action to control a fire in this way can also enable people to assist others, such as disabled people, residents in a care home or patients in a hospital, who are at greater risk in the event of fire.

Acoustic, Draught & Weather Seals

The requirements for acoustic containment are presented in Approved Document E to the building regulations (England and Wales), and the required acoustic performance of door assemblies in a number of situations is detailed.

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